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Cheapest iPhone 2022 | What’s the Cheapest iPhone to Buy

An iPhone is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal. A powerful tech hub for all your calls, texts, emails and more. Even though they’re useful, iPhones can also be extremely expensive. Enter the iPhone SE 2022, the cheapest iPhone you can buy!

The iPhone SE 2022 is the cheapest iPhone that Apple sells. This is a fantastic phone that packs features and affordability into a small package. Coming in at $429, the iPhone SE 2022 is a great option for people looking for the cheapest iPhone to buy! 

In this article, we’ll cover some of the highlights of the iPhone SE 2022 and see what this phone has to offer. If you prefer to watch instead of read, you can check out the video here!

iPhone SE 2022 Design

In terms of design, the iPhone SE 2022 isn’t very different from the iPhone SE 2020. The design looks almost identical to the 2020 version of the phone. The biggest physical difference between the two phones is the glass quality of the phone. The iPhone SE 2022 uses the same glass as the iPhone 13 on both the front and back. The phone is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance and is designed to protect against water damage.

cheapest iPhone 2022



When it comes to key features, the new chip, camera and operating system spearhead the changes.

A15 Bionic Chip

Similar to the iPhone 13, the A15 chip will make this iPhone SE 2022 faster in various functions. Everything form app launches to multitasking will be improved with this new chip. The A15 bionic chip is also designed to improve battery life on this new iPhone. Apple claims the battery life is now longer than the battery life of the iPhone SE 2020. We’ll see how this claims holds up after a few weeks of real world use.



The Camera

The iPhone SE 2022 now features a 12 megapixel f1.8 wide angle lens with HDR4. HDR 4 allows for intelligent color adjustments that can properly expose different skin tones in the same photo. It’s almost like having an individual edit for each skin tone built into the photo you’re taking. This feature makes it is easy for anyone to get great photos, regardless of their photography skills.


IOS 15

The A15 chip and IOS 15 combination will enable you to use the Live text feature in the camera app. This feature recognizes text in a photo and allows you to take action on that text. For example, if there’s a phone number in the photo, you can call it or message it from the photo app. This can be very useful in certain scenarios like adding business cards or numbers to your contacts quickly if you have a photo of them.


So overall, the iPhone SE 2022 looks like the iPhone SE 2020 with some minor updates. If you’re in the market for a brand new and affordable iPhone, then definitely take a look at this model if you’re in that position. But From what they’ve shown so far, this phone doesn’t really offer anything super enticing to warrant an upgrade if you currently have the iPhone SE 2020.

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