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Benefits of Using a VPN: Know the Importance of a VPN


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that encrypts your internet connection and protects your data from hackers. It does this by connecting you to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel. If you’re not sure why you should use a VPN, then read on!

What is a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) is an online service that protects your data while it’s transmitted over public or untrusted networks. VPNs are used to protect sensitive information, such as bank account numbers, passwords and other personal information.

When you use the Internet normally, anyone between your device (laptop/smartphone) and the website can see what you’re doing – unless you’re using a virtual private network. If you connect to the Internet via public WiFi (like in an airport) hackers can potentially intercept your personal information – if it’s not encrypted.

When you use a VPN, there’s no way for anyone between your device and the website or service that you are trying to access to see what data is being transmitted because all of your data is encrypted.

How to use a VPN

You can use a VPN by installing an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet. When you connect to the Internet using this device, all of your traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel to the virtual private server and then onto its final destination (website/service). The same happens when you use public WiFi: instead of connecting directly with hackers sniffing around for personal information, your device connects with the private server, and all of your data is encrypted and hackers cannot intercept it.


Some of the benefits of using a virtual private network include:

* Encrypt all your data transmitted over public or untrusted networks – including WiFi.

* Hide what you do online from hackers, government surveillance, and other prying eyes.

* Access geo-restricted content (websites/services) not available in certain countries by connecting to a VPN server located there instead of the country you’re in.

How much does it cost?

All the benefits of a VPN are great, but how much does a virtual private network service cost? There are several VPN service providers, and prices vary from a few dollars per month to more than $20 per month. Some services offer free trials so you can try before you buy.

What is the best VPN?

Since there are many different VPN services out there, it may be challenging to decide which one is best for your needs. Some VPN services only work on a few devices, while others offer support for numerous operating systems and mobile devices. Some services are fast and stable, others offer more servers to choose from.

So which VPN service is best for you? The answer really depends on your needs – if you just want an affordable way to protect yourself when using public WiFi then a free or inexpensive provider might do the trick, but if you need support for numerous devices at home as well as on the go then you might want to consider one of the more expensive services.

Here’s a list of some VPN services to help you get started with your search!

1. VPN Proxy Master

3. ProtonVPN

4. ExpressVPN

4. Ivacy

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