Software for Proposals: Hello Bonsai Proposal Software

Do you need software for proposals? Well, you’re in the right place! As a business owner, proposals are something that you’ll be doing almost every day. But, for most small business owners, good proposal software can be difficult to come by. Thankfully there’s Bonsai!

Bonsai is designed to allow freelancers to create and send proposals online. It’s an all-inclusive software for freelancers that takes care of everything. Bonsai can create professional proposals in under five minutes and modify them according to your client’s wishes. You can create professional proposals that will help your clients choose you over the competition.

What makes Bonsai a great software for proposals

There are a couple of key features that make Bonsai a great software for proposals. Those features include templates & branding, services packages, and fast approvals.


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Templates & Branding

Bonsai provides many different templates for you to choose from. All of these templates are professionally designed, so your proposals will look good no matter what template you use. Templates can be modified according to the client’s specifications, which means that Bonsai software for proposals is perfect for getting new clients!

You may have noticed that many companies have their brand or color scheme connected to their proposals – well, Bonsai software allows you to create this for yourself! You can customize your brand’s color scheme and logo on all of your proposals. Bonsai allows you to add logos, images, and testimonials from past clients to your proposals. These features may not seem like a big deal, but they can help you win over new customers!


Services Packages

Bonsai software for proposal offers you the ability to create custom service packages within your proposal. This allows you to present several different service packages in your proposal without overwhelming your clients. You can create packages that fit any budget, making it easier for a client to choose you over the competition!

Fast Approvals

Getting approvals from clients can be a nightmare. Waiting to hear back from a client can make anyone’s stress levels skyrocket. But, Bonsai software for proposals allows you to get approvals in an instant. The software tracks when your proposal has been viewed and makes accepting as easy as possible with package selection and electronic approval. This allows you to be able to move forward with the project much faster and get paid sooner!


So if you’re looking into software for proposals, be sure to check out Bonsai! it’s perfect for creating professional proposals that lead to new clients and increased revenue. You can try out Bonsai today and experience why it’s trusted by 250K+ self-employed workers and small businesses.

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