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Self Service Apple Program: What You Need to Know

The self-service Apple repair program will be available for customers who are comfortable with completing their own repairs. The repair program will allow customers access to genuine parts, tools, and repair manuals. This is a much-needed update because many people were frustrated by the lack of availability in previous years when they wanted to complete their own repairs.

Available first for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the self-service repair will be available in early 2022. Those who choose to go through the self-service Apple repair program will have access to service the iPhone display, camera, and battery. The ability to repair additional parts will be rolled out at a later date.

Customers will have access to self-service tools and tutorials so they can complete repairs on the device of their choice. Once users have reviewed the repair guide, they will be able to order Apple parts and tools online to complete their repair. Customers can return their used parts to be recycled and will also earn credit towards their purchase with those recycled parts.

The self-service Apple repair program is an interesting release by Apple. The company has a history of being strict with what repairs users can make to their phones. It’ll be intriguing to see the response to this program once everything is rolled out in 2022.

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