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Archery Tag: A Snapshot with the Canon 85mm

Have you ever heard of archery tag? If not, it’s a game where archers shoot foam-tipped arrows at one another from a distance. The object is to get the other archer out by shooting them with your arrow.

Archery tag is a relatively new game that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. The game was created by John Jackson and David Jackson, two brothers from Mississippi who were looking for a way to combine archery with dodgeball. Archery tag held its first tournament back in 2013. The game has continued to grow in popularity over the years.

Archery tag is played with two teams of five archers. The object of the game is for archers to shoot the ¬†opposing team in order to get them out. When an archer shoots another archer’s target, they’re out of the game (this is called “tagging”).

This is a high energy game and was a great opportunity to test the video capabilities on the Canon 85mm f1.8. I shot the action of this game handheld on the 85mm. The lens is not image stabilized so it provided some natural shake to complement the action.

Check out the footage below! You can find the lens on our product list page HERE.

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